Roypack Enterprises is the past, present and future
of the production and global export of avocados. We are
based on the Murang'a the sub-tropical Central
 of Kenya, which has the perfect agricultural and
climate conditions for the production of avocados.
Since the company was set up in 2015, we have been
growing constantly as a result of a continuous commitment
to quality and the service we provide together with
the know-how of 10 years of experience and professionalism
in the sector. We are a company of recognised
prestige in the international sector.
The company comprises a qualified team of specialists in the areas of production, quality control, field expertise, sales, administration, logistics, human resources and marketing. Our main characteristic is the ability to adapt ourselves to new market requirements, thus responding to our clients in real time using the most advanced technology. All of this is accompanied by the utmost care of and respect for the environment.
We at Roypack enterprises strive daily to bring the best produce to the consumers’ table. At Roypack enterprises, we listen to our customers’ needs and work hard to improve all aspects of our operations so as to offer them the best service possible. Our leading position in the avocado market is based on certain key aspects of our company:
  •  We ensure maximum quality by working under international certification guidelines.
  • We focus and enjoy long-term relationships with our customers thanks to our ability to market avocados throughout all 8 months of the year.
  • We control the entire supply chain, from the tree to the production line, adding value to each step of the process.
  • No-one knows the maturation cycle of his fruit like our specialist does. We know that and our customers know that. Pre-ripe, picked or ready to eat.
All this makes us the avocado expert in Europe.

The processes of reception, calibration, refrigerated storage, packaging and packing for subsequent distribution are all performed at our central plant.  Our best service excellence guarantee to our customers comes from the convergence of four basic factors:
  • The surroundings: ensures perfect climate conditions for the cultivation of sub-tropical crops, with a low incidence rate of pests and disease.
  • The suppliers: we organise annual technical conferences with the farmers, with a high level of professionalism and respect for the environment.
  • The facilities: with continuous technological updates.
  • Proximity: we can reach any European destination extremely quickly and in the best quality conditions.

Roypack enterprises also has a comprehensive and rigorous quality management program that is accredited by the following certifications:

  • Global gap : standardisation of good farming practice that ensures the protection of the final consumer, the conservation of the environment and the employment health and welfare of the farm workers.
  • Global gap Grasp:  This shows that we care about our workers and adhere strickly to international labour laws and social welfare of the workers.
  • Organic certified: Our avocadoes are 100% organic certified.
  • Ripe Fuerte

  • Ripe hass

  • Packed avocad ready for loading